Psychosexual Therapy

Sex Therapy can help couples and individuals (lesbian, gay or straight)with specific sexual dysfunctions or those experiencing difficulties with sexual relationships.

These are some areas that sex therapy can help with:

•difficulty getting or keeping an erection • premature or delayed ejaculation
•your sex life has become routine or stopped •you no longer desire sex
•you have different libidos •difficulty reaching orgasm •
•sex problems during & after the menopause
•problems starting to have sex again following the birth of your baby
•pain when having sex (men or women)
•sexual addiction/compulsions
•sex problems following illness eg cancer, heart conditions, diabetes
•you suffered sexual abuse as a child.
•you have negative or anxious thoughts about sex and relationships
•gender identity disorder

As you read through the list you may have recognised yourself or your partner but maybe too embarrassed to talk about it to them, or to anyone, perhaps you just don't know how to begin to put things right.

About Sex Therapy

After an initial contact by phone or email I would see you for a consultation session which lasts 1 hour. You may choose to see me on your own, or if you are in a relationship with your partner, which ever is most appropriate for you.

Many people I see are at first embarrassed or nervous when talking about their sex life. I understand this and offer you a safe, confidential and supportive space to begin to talk about the sexual problems you are experiencing. I will sensitively ask you further information so that we can ensure I fully understand your difficulties.

I will not examine you or ask you to do anything sexual in the room

As part of this first meeting I will also discuss with you confidentiality and my cancellation policy.At the end of this session if we decide that sex therapy is for you we can discuss on-going therapy. You may choose to see me once a week or once a fortnight. All of the work we do in the room is based on talking . However I will also give you exercises to do at home.

How can sex therapy help?

Most people find it very helpful and that their sex life improves, they also say it makes a difference to their emotional relationship.

If you think sex therapy might be for you click here to email me or ring me on 07970208582 Or email me .


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