Relationship Counselling

What is Relationship Counselling

The aim of relationship counselling is for us to find a way through the difficulties you maybe experiencing. This may be short term to help you explore a crisis in your relationship, or counselling over a longer period to talk through deeper relationship issues.

My role is to help you explore and understand the issues that are causing you distress. This may mean looking at your past experiences, what is happening in the present or anxieties about the future. Often clients feel nervous talking about these issues, I can offer you a confidential, caring, empathic and non-judgmental environment to enable you to talk as openly as possible about yourself and the difficulties you are facing.

How would we work together

After a brief initial contact by phone or e-mail, I would see you in person for a consultation which lasts 1 hour. If you are in a relationship you may prefer to attend alone, or you may choose to attend together. As part of this meeting I will discuss my confidentiality policy with you.
This first meeting offers you the time and a supportive confidential space for you to begin a conversation which up to that point you may have been struggling to have. During this meeting we would talk about what prompted you to seek relationship counselling, your needs and how counselling might be helpful.

On-going Relationship Counselling

If we decide that relationship counselling is for you we can discuss the frequency of those sessions. You might want to see me each week or every two weeks whatever would be most appropriate for you. We will also agree a payment for each session.
At the end of the appointment you may feel that you need time to consider if you want to go ahead with counselling or not, if this is the case you can contact me when you have decided.

If you think relationship counselling could help you and you wish to discuss making an appointment

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